Let this Ali-Aye’-Ligang be about a struggle !!!

Today, the Mising community celebrates Ali-Aye’-Ligang. Essentially, an agricultural festival, it officially marks the beginning of the new year for the community. Ali (Roots)- Aye (Fruits)- Ligang (Start of Sowing), literally translates into a festival which marks the commencement of the sowing season among the Misings. It’s a happy time, where families gather and feast on Apong (Rice Beer), Pork and…

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BJP Surge in North East India-Key Lessons

By Manoranjan Pegu In the recently concluded Elections, the BJP won a decisive majority in Tripura, giving the party a stronger foothold in the Northeast. It is now the governing party in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and now Tripura. It also managed to become a part of the govt. in Meghalaya, giving the party an undisputed hold of the…

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