BJP Surge in North East India-Key Lessons

By Manoranjan Pegu In the recently concluded Elections, the BJP won a decisive majority in Tripura, giving the party a stronger foothold in the Northeast. It is now the governing party in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and now Tripura. It also managed to become a part of the govt. in Meghalaya, giving the party an undisputed hold of the…

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I work with South Asian Trade Unions. Interesting as it is, it throws up quite a number of challenges. Of many, Trade Unionists being involved in electoral politics, is one of the very important challenges. I personally do not mind Trade Unions or Unionist having a political ideology or for that matter even participating in elections. In fact, I would…

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Indian State and Secular Politics

By Pratyush Chandra 1. In India, decolonisation did not reconstitute the State, rather it was a refurbishing of the same colonial state, now free from any remote controlling by the British. In legal terms too, all legislations and judicial pronouncements made prior to Independence continued to hold unless challenged and proven to be in contravention to the new constitution. The…

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