Poverty Porn and Development Communication

At the recently concluded Rusty Radiator Award given to the fundraising videos, which uses the worst kind of stereotypes, the Compassion International’s ‘The wait is over’ was a clear winner. The jury while giving the award highlighted that the video promotes deep-rooted perceptions of Western superiority over the South. It reinforces the white savior complex, and depicts that there is…

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The Journey to the city

Reasons like perennial flood, displacement by natural disasters and jobless growth have forced the people in Assam to flock the cities giving rise to increased regional imbalances and other problems. Assam, no longer can be complacent about the increasing menace. And efforts and measures in the key sectors like agriculture, unemployment and disaster management are needed to address this situation,…

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The Tabooed Women: Understanding the role of women in Rituals among the Misings and the Deori communities of Assam

“Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft Before the final masterpiece” –Anonymous Fact 1: There are a very few discussions on Gender. Most of the times people try to avoid it seeing it as a controversial topic. Fact 2: Most of the discussion becomes unfruitful as every participant tries to portray himself/herself as…

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Unity is what the tribes need today

In 1950, Jaipal Munda, the ferocious leader of the Tribal groups then, commented that the history of the tribal people have been a history of dispossession and exploitation. But he also put enormous trust on the Nehru government and expected an equal society where the tribes won’t be neglected. But the trust that he had talked about is wrecked and…

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